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Disability Living Allowance (DLA)

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children may help with the extra costs of looking after a child who:

  • is under 16
  • has difficulties walking or needs much more looking after than a child of the same age who does not have a disability

They will need to meet all the eligibility requirements.

The DLA rate is between £24.45 and £156.90 a week and depends on the level of help the child needs.

For more information, please visit the DWP website.


Usually, to qualify for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children the child must:

When your child turns 16

When your child turns 16

Your child will need to apply for Personal Independence Payment (PIP) when they turn 16.

When they apply for PIP

Your child will get a letter inviting them to apply for PIP. The letter will be sent:

  • shortly after their 16th birthday
  • when they leave hospital, if they were in hospital on their 16th birthday
  • about 20 weeks before their DLA award ends, if they were awarded DLA under the rules for people who might have 6 months or less to live

Your child’s DLA payments will stop unless they apply for PIP by the date given in the letter.

If they apply by the date given in the letter, they’ll continue to receive DLA until their claim is assessed.

Help with making an application

Applying for benefits and completing paperwork can be difficult and confusing. 

For support, advice and guidance, please contact the following organisations  - 

Liverpool Citizen's Advice

Liverpool City Council Benefits Maximisation Service

Merseyside Law Centre


The Brain Charity

The Livewell Directory - Welfare Advice Services

If you currently rent from a housing association or are engaged with your local Children's Centre, there may be services available from these organisations as well.