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Independent Specialist Colleges (ISCs)

As set out on the Post-16 Education and Training page, placements at ISCs will only be considered when local provision has been explored and ruled out as an option. When considering an application to an ISC, the local authority will look at the programme to be followed, expected outcomes and the proposed length of the programme. Funding will need to be reviewed each year regardless of the length of the programme to ensure progress towards outcomes is being achieved.

It is expected that requests to extend an individual learner placement beyond the duration of the programme’s original end-date will only be made under exceptional circumstances. As colleges will be expected to make adjustments to programmes in light of assessments and reviews of progress to accommodate what a student can achieve within the period of learning agreed.

Effective transition planning should be embedded within the learner placement at a college to ensure that there is a clear plan of progression at the end of the agreed placement.

Where a student is placed at an ISC, it is expected that one of the outcomes of transition planning is the move to work, a maintained further education college course or services provided by Adult Social Care.

It is expected that any concerns or problems relating to achievement will be raised in termly reviews, documented within review and progress reports and discussed by the college with their allocated Education Officer.