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Care Act Fact Sheets Including Transition From Children to Adult Care

Please follow the link to access the factsheets below

Factsheet 1: General responsibilities of local authorities: prevention, information and advice, and shaping the market of care and support services

Factsheet 2: Who is entitled to public care and support?

Factsheet 3: Assessing needs and determining eligibility

Factsheet 4: Personalising care and support planning

Factsheet 5: Charging and financial assessments

Factsheet 6: Reforming how people pay for their care and support

Factsheet 7: Protecting adults from abuse or neglect

Factsheet 8: the law for carers

Factsheet 9: Continuity of care when moving between areas

Factsheet 10: Market oversight and provider failure

Factsheet 11: Transition for children to adult care and support

Factsheet 12: Prisoners and people in resident in approved premises

Factsheet 13: Appeals Policy Proposals