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Internet Safety for Children and Young People

The internet is an exciting place for young people to learn, get advice and chat with friends. As we use the internet for so many different things it makes sense to 'stay safe' online just as you would in the real world.

Here are some hints and tips for safe surfing...


  • keep your password safe and don't tell anyone else

  • be careful in chat rooms - even though it might say it is only for young people, there is no way of telling how old people really are

  • use a nickname instead of your real name in chat rooms or when chatting with anyone online

  • leave the chatroom is you feel uncomfortable or worried.  Make sure you tell someone you trust if you have an experience like this online

  • keep your email address private

  • log out of websites before you leave a computer so no-one can pretend to be you

The links below will provide you with more tips and practical information to help you use the internet safely.

NSPCC have a great list of tips and advice to keep people safe online, both for children and young people and adults who want to discuss online safety with their families.

Digizen - here you can find advice for young people and parents as well as information on cyber bullying

Childline  - Childline have a section on their website which offers lots of advice on safe surfing as well as social networking and mobile phone safety