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County, Fountains,Vauxhall and Walton Children’s Centres are a friendly, one stop venue for all matters relating to getting your child off to the best possible start in life. We know that all parents want the very best for their children but recognise that being a parent is the most challenging and responsible job you will ever do and yet the support and advice out there is not always easy to obtain. Click 'View all services' to see what we currently offer.

About Us

Our centres provides a range of services, such as: 

  • Health and well-being sessions and advice, as well as referral to additional services
  • Support and advice for parents on all matters relating to bringing up babies and young children including encouraging positive behaviour, potty training, dealing with fussy eaters, advice on the best way to support your child before and after they start school, helping with your child’s language development and generally how to be a confident parent
  • Confidential family support and advice if you have any problems or worries about your family
  • Services for children with additional needs, including advice and support for parents to make sure they are getting all the services they need
  • Early identification of and intervention for any development delays or other problems
  • Lots of fun play sessions for parents and children that support their learning as well as providing you and your child with the chance to make new friends
  • Services and advice to help you to help your child get ready for school and to support their leaning once they get there
  • Help and support to get into employment and access to training and education opportunities for parents and carers
  • A wonderful nursery for all your day care needs

 For further information about services and how you and your children can benefit from them see the services section of the site. As well as centre-based services. we provide services in a number of schools in and around the town centre so that all our families can easily reach us. We also visit families at home who cannot attend the centre and can provide one to one support for families on request, just give our team a call to arrange a home visit at your convienience. The site also contains lots of useful information on all matters related to young children and families and links to other useful websites. We look forward to seeing you and your little one in one of our centres very soon.


You don’t have to make an appointment, just drop in to either site or call us on 0151 298 2918 (Vauxhall) or 0151 233 4741 (Fountains) or 0151 233 3760 (County and Walton)

Vauxhall Children's Centre

Titchfield Street



L5 8UT

Telephone: 0151 298 2918

Fountains Children Centre
Fountains Road
L4 1QH

Telephone: 0151 233 4741 


County Children's Centre

Arnot Street


L4 4ED


Telephone: 233 3760


Walton Children's Centre

99 Cavendish Drive


L9 1NB


Tel: 0151 233 3760

Children Centre Co-Ordinator