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We want to listen to everything you have to say about the SEND Local Offer Website, and we would like to thank you for all your feedback and suggestions.

We listen to everything you say, and this page is where we will show you how much your comments make a difference to our website.

You said

We did

“We are not involved enough.”

We have several groups working on the development of Liverpool’s SEND Local Offer.  We have a specific children and young people’s group and parents/carers are involved all the way, from senior steering through to assessment and testing.

“It is confusing to have the Early Help Directory and the Local Offer together.”

We are working on a new site design which will use clear logos and colour schemes so children, young people and their parents and carers will be able to recognise which part of the website they are on and identify SEND specific pages.

“Information is out of date.”

Most old information pages have now been updated or removed. We have a new system to make sure information is updated regularly and are working hard to get everything up to date.  Please let us know if you see things that are out of date.

“Finding EHCP information is difficult”

There is now a category clearly named ‘SEND support and EHCP’.  Senior people working in SEND will be responsible for making sure this section has the correct information and is up to date.   

“The translation or access to writing doesn’t work.”

We have new software called ‘Recite Me’ which makes information accessible by reading it aloud, altering text size and changing the contrast on text. This can be accessed by clicking the ‘Read Me Aloud’ button at the top of the webpage. We also have translation software which can be accessed by clicking the ‘EN’ button on the website toolbar.

“Some services are simply not there.”

We have reviewed the SEND Code of Practice to help us identify any gaps in statutory services and we are working to make sure these are filled. If you can’t find a service and you think it should be on the Local Offer, please tell us.

“The search tool brings up bizarre results.”

On our current site, the search tool will look for words you search and will bring back any results containing those words. Our new site will have a better site structure to guide you to the right place and will include filters such as age group and location to help you identify the right services.  We will ensure information you need is prioritised at the top of searches.

“There are too many empty pages.”

We have reviewed the website and removed any empty pages.  If you find one, please let us know via email or by using the ‘Have your say’ button on the site and we will change it.

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