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Liverpool has 3 Locality Early Help Hubs in the City. To encourage effective multi agency working, they share, as closely as possible, their boundaries with other services e.g. Clinical Commissioning Groups, Adult Services, Social Care Teams, Health Visitor Neighborhoods.

Within each Hub, there are a range of professionals who work together to support the Early Help agenda. This includes representatives from the police, children’s services, health, housing, DWP, Parent and Infant mental health, therapeutic social workers and school family support service. Each Hub is also located within a Children’s Centre.

Comprehensive practitioner guidance has been uploaded onto this site to support practitioners who are delivering early help interventions, but there may also be some occasions when a practitioner needs some advice in relation to a particular case. Each Hub has a Consultant Social Worker who is able to offer support and advice about case related matters. They can also seek assistance and share information with the partner agencies based in the Hubs when needed.

Each Locality Hub will also be able to:

1. Receive Pre-EHATs from agreed agencies and identify the most appropriate agency to lead on an EHAT.
2. Receive step-down cases from Social Care to ensure families continue to receive support following a social care intervention.
3.  Give advice to partners on the levels of need guidance and whether a MARF needs to be completed.
4.  Support Lead Professionals with advice where the Early Help intervention has become 'stuck' and there is little or no change in improving the outcomes for the child.
5.  Provide information, advice and support for Lead Professionals in relation to relevant multi-agency support available in the local Hub footprint.

Contact Officer Consultant Social Worker             
Telephone                     0151 233 3637
Link for more information about Early Help Hub North

Contact Officer Consultant Social Worker           
Telephone                     0151 233 5241
Link for more information about Early Help Hub Central

Contact Officer Consultant Social Worker
Telephone                    0151 233 4447
Link for more information about Early Help Hub South