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  1. Youth Empowering Services CIC

    A youth provision focusing on outreach support. 1-2-1 mentoring support and informal education sessions.
  2. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Domestic Abuse Therapy Service (Wings)

    What is Wings? Wings is a domestic abuse therapy service for children and young people who have been affected by the impact of domestic abuse in their home. About Wings Experiencing domestic abuse can have a detrimental impact on children and young people’s short-term and…
  3. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Flourishing Families

    What is Flourishing Families? Flourishing Families is a whole family approach therapeutic service aimed at families with children and young people aged 5 – 25 living in a Liverpool City postcode. Each member of the family will be assessed on their own needs and the…
  4. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Individual Therapy

    What is Individual Therapy? Our counselling and psychotherapy service provides a range of interventions, to help address the issues impacting on your mental health and emotional wellbeing. About Individual Therapy Individual therapy is an opportunity to talk to someone in a safe and confidential space…
  5. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Information Advice and Guidance (IAG)

    What is IAG? Practical one to one support for children and young people aged 10—25 with a wide range of needs. About IAG The aim of IAG is to support young people to set goals, helping them to break down any barriers or challenges that they face…
  6. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - LGBTQ+ Support

    Support for Young People to Explore Their Sexuality and/or Gender Identity GYRO What is GYRO? GYRO are award winning LGBTQ+ youth groups for children & young people aged 12-25 years, who may be exploring sexuality and/or gender identity. GYRO has existed in some form since…
  7. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Open Access Group Sessions

    YPAS - Open Access Group Sessions - Across 3 Community Hubs    Smarty’s What is Smarty’s? Smarty’s is an open access group for primary school aged children. Smarty’s provides a secure, happy and stimulating environment. About Smarty’s Smarty’s offers a wide range of activities including…
  8. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Parental Support

    YPAS offer a range of support programmes, courses and coffee events for parents and carers.   Parenting IAG What is Parenting IAG? Parenting IAG stands for Information, Advice and Guidance. About Parenting IAG Parenting (IAG) offers a range of practical support tailored around the family’s…
  9. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Secondary School Wellbeing Clinics

    What are secondary school wellbeing clinics? Wellbeing Clinics – are offered in all secondary schools in Liverpool. They run for one full day each week during term time. About Each school has a dedicated YPAS practitioner who meets with young people on a one-to-one basis.…
  10. Has Local Offer

    YPAS - Seedlings

    Seedlings  What is Seedlings? Therapeutic services based in Liverpool’s primary schools and YPAS community hubs allowing the child to speak to a Seedling therapist. About Seedlings If you feel a Primary school aged child may need to speak to a Seedlings therapist in school, we…