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Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Here is where you will find services who provide support to children and young people with mental health conditions. Use the categories above to find the service you need. 


Anxiety is a word we use to describe feelings of unease, worry and fear. It incorporates both the emotions and the physical sensations we might experience when we are worried or nervous about something. Although we usually find it unpleasant, anxiety is related to the ‘fight…


We all feel different emotions throughout our lives. Sometimes we might feel happy, excited, lucky or proud and sometimes we might feel sad, down, worried or scared. Usually these bad feelings go away eventually by themselves, but sometimes you feel sad, down and hopeless for…

Self Harm

Self-harm is when an individual chooses to hurt themselves or make themselves feel pain in some way, this could be through cutting, burning or by doing things such as drinking too much alcohol or taking drugs. If you are self-harming this may be because there…


How to Make a Complaint Early Years Providers and Schools Early Years All registered childcare providers have to have a complaints procedure. For childcare provision that is registered with Ofsted any concerns should first be raised with the manager or provider. For complaints in writing…

Changes to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Support System - Easy Read Guide for Children and Young People

The SEND code of practice requires local authorities, health bodies, schools, maintained early education settings and colleges to carry out statutory duties for children and young people with SEND. The reforms extend provision from birth to 25 years of age. This will give families greater choice in decisions and…

Looked After Children who have SEND

All children and young people who are looked after by Liverpool City Council and have special educational needs are supported by their school or setting in the first instance. Each school has a designated teacher with responsibility for looked after children. If you are the…

Accessibility Strategy

Schools Accessibility Strategy Agreed by cabinet 29/8/2014

Support for Children and Young People Moving Between Phases of Education

Support for children and young people moving between phases of education. Transition from an early years setting to school and from primary school to secondary school and then to further education is a vulnerable time for all children and young people but especially for those…