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Liverpool Early Help Hubs

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There are three Early Help Hubs that cover North, South and Central Liverpool. These multi-agency Hubs are led by a Service Manager and three team managers. Each hub has a Consultant Social Worker (CSW) who manages a team of outreach family support workers. The primary role of the Hub outreach workers is to provide continued support to families who have been involved with children’s social care. They also complete early help assessments for agencies such as the ambulance service, accident and emergency, police and GP’s. There are specialist social workers within the hubs who provide therapeutic support to children and young people and social workers who provide support to children and young people living in kinship care arrangements.

Located in South Hub, we have a team of staff who support our partner agencies that complete early help assessments. The team consists of a Multi-Agency Practice Lead, Team Leader and 5 EHAT officers. The team take responsibility for recording and overseeing the quality of the work produced by external partners such as schools and health etc The Multi Agency Practice Lead also coordinates a ‘Champions Group’ made up of external partners that complete audits and share learning to improve practice.

The School Family Support Service are based in the North Hub. This a commissioned service that undertakes early help interventions on behalf of schools.

The Hubs also have a specialist domestic abuse worker who delivers the ‘Inner Strength’ programme to individuals who want support to change abusive behaviour patterns.

There are a number of multi-agency partners in the Hubs such as Police Community Support Officers, Cobalt Housing, Health Visitors, DWP workers and Addaction. These agencies work in partnership to provide early intervention and support to the children and young people of Liverpool.

As well as overseeing the case work in the Hubs, the CSW also provides a case consultation service to partner agencies. This might be when an agency are unsure about the next steps to take with a case or when support is needed in relation to the level of need.

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