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Free Parenting Plan

It can be difficult to know where to start when looking at the arrangements for children, and how to approach those discussions, when parents separate or divorce can be difficult. Oratto has produced a parenting plan, which includes a comprehensive look at all aspects of a child's life, including:

  • How often the children will be with each parent during the school week
  • How the weekends are shared
  • Arrangements for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays etc
  • Arrangements for school holidays, bank holidays and inset days
  • Arrangements for school events and parents' evenings
  • How you will communicate with each other and the children when they are with the other parent
  • Arrangements for medical and dental appointments
  • Who has responsibility for specific decision making, including clarity over which decisions require joint approval
  • The process for dispute resolution
  • Arrangements regarding religious and faith based activities
  • Arrangements for special family events
  • Arrangements relating to contact time with grandparents and other family members

The Parenting Plan questionnaire has been written to help you get started with your discussions. Our Parenting Plan is free to download, and can help facilitate a constructive discussion between parents about parenting after separation, keeping the children at the heart of the discussions.

Parenting Plans can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Proposing suggested arrangements for the consideration of the other parent
  • A mediation process
  • Enabling a discussion between parents about child arrangements
  • Formalising agreed arrangements for children
  • Including a parenting plan with a C100 application for a child arrangements, specific issue or prohibited steps order.

Oratto’s Parenting Plan can also serve as a formal agreement between parents on the arrangements for their children, and how they would like to co-parent and bring their children up after separation or divorce.

You can find our Parenting Plan form in our Family Law section of our website.

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