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Counselling for children, adolescents, parents and teaching staff

Counselling for children and young people

I aim to create a warm and welcoming space so that children and young people can begin to build a relationship of trust with me. I believe that when people feel accepted, valued and understood by a counsellor, they are able to explore difficult issues and can begin to make sense of their experiences and feelings. When this happens, the intensity of difficult feelings may lessen and become more manageable, options of ways forward might begin to emerge, and views or beliefs can change bringing about a new perspective and a new way of being. I offer creative arts in my therapy approach with children and young people as a way to help them build a trusting relationship with me and to enable them to begin to tell their stories.

​As a person-centred counsellor, the quality of the relationship I am able to develop with my young client is essential, and it is this that forms the basis of my therapeutic approach. I always ensure that young people are in control of the work we do and the direction it takes.

Counselling for parents

While having children can be wonderful and joyful, it is also a reality that being a parent or carer can be a challenging, exhausting and lonely experience at times. Keeping up with the changes that come with children's continual development is tough and it can be hard to make sense of difficult situations and to figure out what to do next.

Many different factors can make family life difficult and it should not be surprising that a parent can find themselves struggling; feeling stressed and unhappy sometimes. It can feel impossible to meet everyone else's needs, so looking after yourself can come way down the list of priorities as a parent.  

I offer parent counselling sessions where any issues can be explored, but also where issues related to parenting and family life might be a focus. 

Counselling for teaching and school staff

Currently, there are so many demands and expectations faced by students, teachers, head teachers and teaching assistants.

Staff in schools are giving out every day. Teachers are under increased pressure to meet targets, to deal with challenging behaviour, to support parents and families, to ensure students achieve academic success, and to look after young people's emotional well-being. The added challenges that have come with managing the impact of coronavirus present even more demands and pressures. Yet many teachers say they have no time to look after their own emotional health. Despite the enormous demands placed on teachers, they are not super-human. Teachers are not immune to stress and burnout. 

I offer counselling for teachers, head teachers, support staff and safe-guarding leads. 


Who to contact

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Michelle Higgins
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I have a Master of Arts in counselling and psychotherapy. I am passionate about working with children and young people, as well as those who teach, support and care for them. I am inspired by young people's resilience and their ability to over-come difficult experiences. To be invited into their lives and to be a part of their growth and development is a privilege. 

I have worked as a counsellor in secondary and further education, as a child and adolescent mental health practitioner (CAMHS), parent and family support practitioner and youth project worker. I also have a background in community arts and have worked in a range of projects involving creative arts, music, drama and dance.  I use creativity and arts work in my therapy practice when appropriate.

I am experienced in working with children, young people and adults who present with a range of issues including: bereavement and loss, anxiety, stress, low mood, family issues, eating difficulties, gender issues, illness, sexuality issues, substance misuse, cultural issues, self-harm, suicidal thoughts and feelings. 

I am committed to continuing professional development. I attend regular training to update my knowledge and skills.​

I have strong ethical values and personal integrity.

I have a current DBS certificate.

(Qualification certificates and DBS available to view on request)

Where to go

Michelle Higgins Counselling
County (optional)
CH47 5AA

 I have a lovely therapy space that is warm and welcoming for children, young people and adults alike. My practice is based in Hoylake, Wirral 

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Table of costs
Table of costs
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£45 per Session
Payment can be made in cash, or by using BACS
Offering Tax Free Childcare.
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