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North Liverpool Academy

Secondary School

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Linda Parkes

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North Liverpool Academy
120, Heyworth Street
L5 0SQ

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Teaching Approaches

The academy regularly monitors your child’s progress in meeting their targets and if they are not making enough progress they will be highlighted for the attention of the Inclusion Department.


The SENDCo will implement, after consideration with parents, any necessary and appropriate interventions.


There are regular parents’ evenings and reports to parents, also the SENCo is available via email, phone  and additional face to face meetings should you require.


Assessment for learning is used to support planning for different levels of attainment. Small groups may be supported by either the class teachers or Learning Support Staff as appropriate.

Work is differentiated to meet individual children’s needs. There is careful targeting of individual support for students. Personalised interventions are put in place for students who are not making progress.


Learning Walks take place in order for the SENDCo and the SEND team to monitor the quality of differentiation on offer in lessons.

Learning/curriculum approaches

Children and young people will have full access to the National Curriculum which will be differentiated to take account of each student’s particular needs and will be modified to suit each child’s academic and personal development.

The academy identifies children with special educational needs in a number of ways. Children are assessed regularly and parents are always informed of any concerns regarding their child’s progress.

The academy always responds to any concerns raised by parents. The SENDCo may carry out additional testing when additional educational needs are identified. Outside agencies may also be involved. Progress will be reviewed by the student, class teachers, the SENDCo and parents as appropriate.









Students at North Liverpool Academy with special educational and additional needs have an ALP (Access to Learning Plan), which is accessible to all teaching staff.


All staff are made aware of the strengths and needs of the child and are advised on specific teaching strategies for Quality First teaching.


Teaching and support staff regularly receive training which is aimed at maximising participation, access and achievement of children with special educational/additional needs.


North Liverpool Academy is an inclusive academy, where all teachers are teachers of children with special educational/additional needs and the whole academy community respects the rights and needs of others.


The SEND team offer access to interventions based on developing an understanding of the subtleties of language, conversational skills, self- esteem, confidence and other social skills. There is also a programme of enrichment and nurture for all students.


Working with the literacy and numeracy co-ordinators there is a structured programme of work to develop literacy and numeracy skills with plenty of opportunities for over learning and consolidation of concepts. This includes developing foundation skills in reading, writing (spelling and comprehension) and arithmetic.

Children with SEND in the academy may also be supported by external agencies and parents are always consulted.


The primary contacts for these agencies are the Director of Inclusion and the SENDCo, although class teachers and support staff are also involved.


It is the responsibility of the SENDCo and the Director of Inclusion to organise external support and maintain records.

Environment and physical resources














North Liverpool Academy is an       inclusive setting that welcomes all   children regardless of their abilities.  Reasonable adjustments are made to include all members of the academy community.

North Liverpool Academy prepares children for changes and provides support to manage unpredictable events and at times of transition between primary and secondary and further education.

The SENDCo co-ordinates the liaison and multi-agencies working to support children with disabilities.









North Liverpool Academy works hard with families to meet the needs of all students with their social, emotional and behavioural development. There is a robust pastoral structure which places the emotional needs of the child as a high priority.

Where possible there is smaller group support for children in Key Stage 3 with specific SEND needs. English and Maths are delivered by specialist trained staff and frequently supported by a member of the Learning Support Staff.

At North Liverpool Academy we have Support Staff who received additional training on aspects of emotional, anger management, social and friendship skills, social communication difficulties, loss, bereavement and family break-up. Learning Support Staff can support students on a one-to-one basis or in a small group when required.


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