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Voiceability - Care and Support Advocacy

Care and Support advocacy is available for eligible people to support them to be fully involved in decisions about their care and support.
Independent advocates will be available to support people to plan for and be involved in their:
  • Care assessments
  • Care and support planning
  • Care and support reviews
  • Safeguarding enquiries
  • Safeguarding adult reviews, previously known as serious case reviews
Care and Support Advocates will work with individuals to help them make their own decisions, will support people to understand the care and support process they will be involved in and to tell people about their wishes and feelings to inform discussions about their future care and support needs.
Are you eligible for care and support advocacy?
You may be eligible to get an advocate if you do not have any friends or family to support you and you will find it very hard to:

  • Understand what is happening and the choices that you have
  • Decide what care and support you need
  • Tell people what you want
You may also be eligible for advocacy if you are a carer of an adult or a carer of a child in transition.
Advocacy will be available during:   

  • Your care and support needs assessment
  • Your care and support planning
  • Your care and support reviews
  • And for any safeguarding processes - if someone thinks that you may be unsafe or at risk of harm.
Advocacy is available if you live at home, in a care home or hospital, or if you are in prison.
Care Act Advocacy for People with Dementia
Voiceability are working in Partnership with the Alzheimer's Society and are also providing Care Act Advocacy for people with dementia. 
Download the leaflet, also in easy read at the bottom of this page.


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Room 13, Toxteth Town Hall Community Resource Cent
15, High Park St
L8 8DX

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