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Ernest Cookson School

Ernest Cookson School helps pupils with Social, Emotional and Behavioral Difficulties to gain the self-esteem, self-identity, independence and skills to lead successful lives.

Working in partnership with parent/carers, colleagues in health, education and social care, we aim to provide a stimulating, supportive and safe learning environment to assist each pupil to develop the skills and confidence to achieve their potential.

Ernest Cookson School:

  • Has a positive environment where learning is fun and enjoyable and achievements are celebrated;
  • Encourages and appropriately challenges all pupils to achieve their full potential;
  • Recognises and celebrates individual differences and promotes positive self image and worth;
  • Provides a caring, safe environment in which pupils are taught to respect themselves and others both in school and the wider community;
  • Promotes effective working partnerships with parents, carers and external agencies;
  • Equips pupils with the knowledge to make informed healthy choices and the confidence to take measured calculated risks;
  • Teaches all pupils to become effective communicators;
  • Promotes good behaviour through positive adult role models and high quality positive behaviour management;
  • Utilises the community to enhance the curriculum and enable pupils to practice their social skills in real life situations;
  • Develops pupil self esteem, confidence and independence in preparation for challenges ahead;
  • Has a reputation for providing sustained, high quality care, guidance and education;

Ernest Cookson is a special school for SEBD. As of September 2014, the school has sixty places. We offer KS1 to KS3 provision on a single level in a well appointed and equipped school. 

In September 2015 the school will become a KS1 and KS2 provision.

Classes are determined by pupils age, social-emotional development and learning priorities. We have high expectations for all our pupils and we aim to fully extend their academic, physical and social-emotional development. High levels of quality, skilled staff and individualised learning programmes ensure both the learning and social needs of each child are met within their class.

We put a high emphasis on inter-disciplinary working. We have onsite ADHD Clinic, CAHMS worker, NHS nurse, Police Liaison, Educational Psychologists and work closely with social care teams and other local organisations to ensure the best outcomes for pupils.

Throughout their time in our school, pupils receive varying levels of support according to their changing needs and circumstances. For more information please the attached document.

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Mill Lane
West Derby
L12 7JA

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Primary (5 to 11)
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