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AXESS Sexual Health – Genitourinary Medicine (GUM) clinic

AXESS Sexual Health is committed to providing a high quality service to people worried about issues affecting their sexual health.

With the department’s experience, staff understand the concerns and anxieties patients may have about visiting a clinic. Staff are supportive and understanding and always treat people with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

This is a Consultant led service offering:

  • Sexual health advice and information
  • Clinical examination, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Rapid laboratory diagnosis
  • HIV testing, including 20min rapid test
  • Care and management of patients with HIV infection
  • Cytology (smear tests)
  • Contraception including pills, implants, coils (IUD's), emergency contraception, pregnancy testing and condoms

Specialist services include:

  • Vulval / genital dermatology clinic
  • Outreach service run by nurses for young people at Liverpool Brook on London Road on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • HIV clinics

  • “The Green House” - appointment based clinic offering STI testing and advice for men who like men. We are also able to talk and advise about PreP and Chemsex.

All the department’s health advisors are qualified nurses and will have more time to talk to patients about their concerns. Their role involves working with individuals and groups affected by issues related to sexual health in general and sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) in particular.

Information before visiting the Centre

All patients are asked that if possible, they try not to pass urine for one hour prior to attending clinic because it can affect test results. Some patients are asked to provide a sample of urine during their visit.

There is often more than one clinic taking place at a time so patients are advised that on occasion it may appear as if a patient arriving later may be seen earlier. The department understands how frustrating this may seem but makes every effort to call patients through as soon as possible. 

Verbal or physical abuse towards fellow patients or staff is not acceptable.

What happens when you visit the department?

Patients will see a doctor or nurse practitioner who will take a history of the problem and ask routine questions about health. 

Routine tests include swab or urine for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea and a blood test for HIV & Syphilis. An examination is recommended for patients with symptoms.

What if an urgent appointment is needed and the clinic is closed?

Patients who think they need to be seen urgently, for example following a needlestick injury or suspected exposure to HIV, hepatitis B or C should attend the Accident and Emergency department in the main hospital as soon as possible following the incident.

See the bottom of this page under 'Notes' for opening times.


Who to contact

AXESS Sexual Health Service

Where to go

AXESS Sexual Health - Liverpool
Royal Liverpool University Hospital - First Floor ABC side,
Prescot Street
L7 8XP

Other Details


Referral required
Referral Details

A free, confidential comprehensive sexual health and contraception walk-in service for men and women of all ages and children over the age of 13.

The sexual health clinic is a walk in with specialist clinics by appointment only.

Other notes

Opening Times

  • Monday: 09:00- 16:00
  • Tuesday: 09:00- 16:00
  • Wednesday: 09:00- 16:00
  • Thursday: 11:00- 16:00
  • Friday: 09:00- 16:00

*The clinic is closed at weekends and bank holidays. It is also closed on the morning of the first Wednesday of September, December, March and June.

Once patients have registered, they are asked not to leave the waiting area without informing a member of staff. Patients who are asked to return for a follow up consultation will be given a specific appointment time.

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