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Granby Toxteth Development Trust

Granby Toxteth Development Trust is an independent local charitable organisation which is based in the Toxteth area of Liverpool. We are the community anchor organisation for the neighbourhood and provide various services and manage a range of projects.  

As the Community Anchor Organisation for south-central Liverpool, we want to help and encourage local people to take an active role in civil society. We believe that the most sustainable form of community development comes from deep within the community itself, rather than being imposed by government or profit-driven businesses.

But we also believe that this is not easy and that all communities face challenges and barriers that can impede the progress of civil society.

We have many roles in this process and we welcome the opportunity to help local people - as individuals or as groups - to maximise their potential and take a more active part.

What is a Community Anchor Organisation?

A Community Anchor Organisation is:

- Independent and based within the community
- Multi-purpose, adapting to changing needs
- Here for the long term, not just a short term project
- A powerful force for community renewal

GTDT is:

- A focus for services and activities meeting local need
- A vehicle for local voices to be heard, needs to be identified and for local leaders and community groups to be supported
- A platform for community development, promoting cohesion while respecting diversity
- A home for the community sector which is supportive of the growth and development of community groups
- A means of promoting community led enterprise, generating independent income while having a social, economic and environmental impact
- A forum for dialogue within communities, creating community led solutions
- A bridge between communities and the state which promotes and drives social change
- A building, a physical space

Who to contact


We run a range of Community Learning short courses such as ESOL, Get Active, Arts & Crafts, Health & Wellbeing and Driving Theory for Employment, but this list is continually evolving as we develop and deliver according to the interests of our learner base.  

During the pandemic, we diversified our delivery methods to use a range of different learning platforms to engage with local residents, virtually and at a distance.  As we come out of the pandemic we are continuing to deliver via a range of online and face-to-face opportunities.

We work with groups and individuals so if you would like to find out more, just get in touch.

Where to go

Granby Toxteth Development Trust
129d, Lodge Lane
L8 0QF

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Our core centre hours are 10am to 3pm (Monday to Friday)

Other Details


Where possible we do not charge for our services.


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Please visit our company website for up to date information on our work and services (

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