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PANS (paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome) and PANDAS (paediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome associated with strepare devastating neuropsychiatric conditions that are currently poorly recognised, diagnosed and supported both medically and in schools.  

One estimate suggests that up to 1 in 200 children suffer from this condition. 


Resources for parents including diagnostic criteria and details of local support groups. 

Resources for Medical professionals  

Resources for teachers and Schools 

Teacher training package 

Facebook group for parents/caregivers 

Facebook group for Young People age 12-17 with the condition. 

Facebook group for Adults 

Links to further Research 

Advocacy and support from the charity 

Who to contact

Contact Name
Paula Scott
Contact Position
Connections Executive & Community Support Executive
My service's website

Children aged 4 to 19 who are displaying symptoms associated with the condition and/or diagnosed with the conditions.  Affected children can be in mainstream, alternative, specialist provision or electively home educated. 

Where to go


All of Liverpool covered.  We provide support via our Facebook group PANS PANDAS UK.

Time / Date Details

Session Information
Please join our Facebook group PANS PANDAS UK
where you can obtain further support as and when needed.

Other Details


Please contact provider for cost details.
Offering Tax Free Childcare.


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