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Merseyside Domestic Violence Service Ltd

MDVS works hard  to support families experiencing domestic violence. We take  new referrals and self-referrals and encourage services and individuals to come forward for support. we provide support for victims of domestic violence, programmes for perpetrators of domestic violence wanting to change their behaviour and services for young people perpetrating or victims of domestic violence 

From 2022 we launched  our Make a Change programme which forms part of our whole family approach which encompasses all of our services in holistic approach to support victims  and families experiencing the negative impacts of domestic abuse , stalking and perpetrator violence with early stage interventions.


  • MDVS are a RESPECT Accredited service working delivering interventions for perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse and interventions for perpetrators and victims of intimate partner stalking. MDVS also have a Children and Young People's service with interventions for C&YP causing harm and those who are experiencing harm. 
  • The RESPECT Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse programme. This will be an integrated service for parents who are being abused by their child and interventions for children and young people who are either causing harm and/or those who are experiencing harm. 
  • MDVS are also delivering an Integrated Domestic Abuse Parenting behavioural change Programme for Parents who are causing harm to their children. 
  • MDVS also provides 1-1 support for male victims of domestic abuse and intimate partner stalking. 

We accept referrals from all agencies and self-referrals and see below for referral routes. 

 MDVS have  trained Independent Stalking Advocacy Caseworkers, ISAC's who will be working directly with victims of intimate partner stalking, this will include expert advice for high-risk stalking victims, advocacy and emotional support. 

Services for female victims/survivors: 1-1 support, counselling, group work, safety planning, child and adolescent to parent violence and abuse programme, Stalking risk assessment, support, advocacy and expert advice; parenting programmes for parents who are experiencing domestic abuse and/or those causing direct harm to children. 

Services for male perpetrators: 26-week behavioural change programme (MASC, Males Actively Seeking Change) group work and 1-1; specialist risk assessment of stalking behaviours and coercive control; 10-week Parenting Programme; 1-1 and group work with parents who are experiencing abuse perpetrated by their child/ren. 

Services for children and young people: Empowering Group work and 1-1 support for children and young people whose lives are affected by domestic abuse; RESPECT Children and Young People's programme for children and young people who are perpetrating harm toward their parent/s/guardian.

MDVS will sometimes  offer recreational activities for children and young people during some school holidays including trips and craft activities



Who to contact

Contact Name
Ayla Nasuh
Contact Position
Service Manager




Where to go

Merseyside Domestic Violence Service ltd
54, St James Street
L1 0AB

Our office location is confidential; however you may contact us regarding our programmes referrals or if any information is required 


We operate from a wide range of community venues across the area to ensure that we can accommodate families in need of support. 

Time / Date Details

When is it on
Monday to Friday 9 to 5 with some evening groups
Time of day
Session Information
26-week Behavioural Change Programme for males
16-week Domestic Abuse recovery programme for females
Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (C&YP causing harm)
Child and Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (Adult victim)
Parenting programmes (Perpetrator)
Parenting programmes (Victim/survivor)
10 week Make a Change programme for perpetrators of violence for early intervention

Other Details


The MASC perpetrator programme is chargeable to individuals in certain circumstances or local authorities we are not in direct partnership with to make referrals for our services . Please contact us for more information
Offering Tax Free Childcare.


Referral required
Referral Details

We accept self-referrals by phone 07802 722 703


Professionals can request referral form via phone (07802 722 703or email  Referral forms can also be found on our website, see links to content. 

Other notes

We cover  Liverpool  Our programs are delivered during day time and evening. 

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