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Parenting Support Information

Liverpool has a vast amount of services across the city that support children and their families. 

Below you can find just some of those services to access for support guidance and advice.  Some of these agencies can also be found in Liverpool's Parenting Newsletter. (Refer to the Liverpool Parenting Newsletter page for further information)


Alder Hey

Alder Hey’s Emergency Department will still be available to all children and young people who require emergency treatment - but anyone attending who is deemed clinically to be a non-emergency issue will instead be supported to access an alternative, more appropriate service such as a Walk-In Centre or their local GP.


Action For Children, Liverpool.

While the Blues teams are not in schools we would like to offer you some resources to assist at this time. It is a journaling toolkit and is free to download from our website

There is a toolkit for young people to use on their own and there is a teacher/facilitator toolkit with lesson plans too

Please feel free to share with  anyone you feel may benefit.

Additional there is support for parent carers can access on line – which also has the option for a live chat to an experience practitioner – please do have a look and get the support that you need during this time.

Early Help Are you looking for trusted resources and advice to share with parents? We have lots of information available online – from managing different parenting styles to separated parents or setting boundaries with teenagers. Our advice and guidance is available 24/7

Emotional Wellbeing We also have advice for parents on how to support young people with their emotional wellbeing. Our team offer guidance for parents and carers to support their children – as well as how to look after themselves. Find out more

Early Years With most children now at home all day, we have some great ideas to involve them in helping with keeping things tidy. Explore advice from our parenting coaches to help little ones adapt to spending more time at home.


ADHD Neurodiversity Charity

  • Self-referral from parents
  • Self-referral for young people aged 14 and over
  • Early years support for both public and private early years providers across the city
  • Information, advice and guidance to parents
  • Online therapy/counselling/CBT for Looked After Children from LCC Virtual School
  • Online therapy and continuity support for children and young people referred by schools
  • Online parenting skills programme
  • Email and telephone enquiries
  • 24/7 online social media support for 120,000+ followers

Webinars, podcasts and printed recourses are posted across the city.


Advanced Solutions

  • Professionals online focus drop ins and workshops
  • Children's and family activities
  • Sleep support
  • Online Community Network Groups
  • Follow us on Twitter: @ADDvancedSol or  Instagram: @ADDvancedSolutions

We are offering telephone and email consultations so please get in touch by calling 0151 486 1788 from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, or email us at


ASD Training Team:


Advice and strategies for families of children and young people with autism or social communication needs. Monday to Friday: 9am – 12pm alternatively, you can email your concern to



  • Working to support young carers and working alongside partners to refer to them

email: or call 0151 228 4455


Brain Charity - children with neurological conditions

Online dance & arts-based workshops to children and young people with neurological conditions. The project combines physiotherapy and dance for one type of workshop and occupational therapy and art for the other type of workshop.



The Liverpool CAMHS Partnership has adapted as coronavirus impacts our everyday lives. Our partners are working hard to ensure children, young people and families get the support they need during this time. Only available for YP and parents who are open to Liverpool FRESH CAMHS and have been referred due to mental health concerns that would warrant a specialist CAMHS Service and can’t be referred into externally just for the parent group.

If you are a child or young person in crisis, you can call the crisis care line 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 0151 293 3577  but you should only present to Accident Emergency Department if you need medical treatment or are struggling to keep yourself safe in the immediate moment.


Childrens Centres (0-5 years)

  • Welfare calls to parents
  • Home Learning/ Activity Packs
  • Speech, Communication and Language interventions 0-5yrs
  • Supporting Children with SEN/D
  • Parenting advice & support – Routines/ Behaviour
  • Housing/ LCSS Grant support
  • Fareshare Food Parcels (available at some centres)
  • Online learning and tips for parenting during COVID-19
  • Food Bank vouchers
  • Emergency food and fuel vouchers (limited)
  • Ante natal appointments and ante natal information 
  • ESF Ways to Work support

Referral: self by calling your local centres or speak to health visitor


Community Midwifery

  • Our first contact postnatally will commence with a phone call assessments and visit if necessary following discharge from the hospital.
  • We then have continued to provide postnatal care (day 5, day 7 if required and day 10 home visits)
  • We discharge women after an assessment of mother and baby, if there are any concerns we would continue to support. HV services will then contact women and families for their birth visit.


Educational Psychology Service

Helpline: 0151 233 5978

If you are concerned about your child’s emotional wellbeing or managing their behaviour then please ring for professional advice, support or practical strategies. Monday to Friday: 9am – 4.30pm alternatively, you can email your concern to


Everton in the Community

Blue Family campaign to combat isolation and support societies most vulnerable

  • Fans and members of the community in greatest need contacted by Everton in the Community staff to deliver tailored and focused support, assistance and guidance, including:
  • Essential food parcels distribution, including breakfast packs for young children 
  • Financial assistance for prescription purchases and delivery
  • Mobile phone credit for those living alone and with limited support networks 
  • Support with gas and/or electricity vouchers for those facing increased fuel bills
  • Mental health support and advice
  • A referral service for access to Everton in the Community’s support provision 
  • Calls from the Everton Fan Centre to thousands of fans to maintain contact and provide a friendly voice to talk to, prioritising the elderly and isolated


Family Support Services (Children’s Social Care)

  • Home Visits to cases  flagged Red and Amber
  • Direct Work with Children and Young People (Socially distanced or virtual)
  • Parenting advice and support (Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Sessions / Provision of information and resources)
  • Therapeutic Support to children, young people and families via our own Therapists
  • A range of Therapeutic Resources have been developed
  • Referrals to Citizens Support Scheme
  • Virtual Family Group Conferences (emergencies only)
  • Support to families who are subject to virtual Court Proceedings
  • Welfare calls to children, young people and their families
  • Activity and resource packs


Health Visiting Team

  • Safeguarding statutory duties/welfare calls
  • Birth Visits virtual/ face to face if required
  • Antenatal virtual/ face to face if required
  • Faltering growth clinic by referral only
  • On call Health Visitor for support /advice Mon –Fri 9-5

For more information visit


Kinship Carers Liverpool

supporting families who are raising somebody else's child.

WhatsApp groups targeting different needs:
- general info/questions and keeping up to date
- health and well-being group
- education resources
- peer support
- young peoples WhatsApp chat

Zoom meeting which include coffee mornings, intergenerational activities and young peoples John Muir Award scheme
Regular ring rounds to all our families to assess needs, with weekly doorstep visits to deliver fresh fruit, veg and salad parcel, activities and resources.
To access our services or for further information contact us on: or call us on 07843881127 (Pauline)



  • Supporting families with play recourse packs through the Positive About Play initiative
  • Currently supporting Liverpool City Councils helpline, ensuring vulnerable members of the community gain signposting and support to services and volunteers
  • Funding portal for organisations


LFC Red Neighbours

  • Virtual employability sessions
  • Access to food services for families



Liverpool Parent and Carers Forum (LivPaC) is a group of parents and carers of children and young people with special additional needs and/or disabilities (SEND).  We aim to give parents and carers a collective voice and use our experience, knowledge, and feedback from families to help commissioners and providers plan and develop the quality, range and accessibility of services families use.

 ‘Alone we can do So little.  BUT together we CAN do so MUCH’ 

  • Our Virtual Coffee Sessions our jointly held with our friends from The Isabella Trust (Guest speakers from all services)
  • Webinars with therapist and The Isabella Trust
  • Peer to Peer support for families
  • If families would like to book a place then they will need to email us at
  • Twitter: @LivPaCL8
  • Instagram:- livpac

Liverpool Family Hubs

Multiagency Services to support families with children from 0-18 years, 25 years, if young people/ adults with SEND needs.

North Family Hub at Clubmoor and Ellergreen Children Centre Site

Utting Avenue East, Norris Green, Liverpool, L11 1DQ


South Family Hub at Five For Families Children Centre Site

Five Children and Families Trust, Conleach Road, Speke, Liverpool, L24 0TW

  • Support with children's Home Learning/ Activity Packs
  • Speech, Communication and Language interventions 0-5yrs
  • Supporting Children with SEN/D
  • Parenting advice & support 
  • Housing/ LCSS Grant support
  • Fare share Food Parcels (available at some centres)
  • Food Bank vouchers
  • Emergency food and fuel vouchers (limited)
  • Ante natal groups and midwifery appointments, peri natal mental health support 
  • ESF Ways to Work support
  • Healthy Relationship support to reduce parent/ family conflict drop ins - advice and guidance/ signposting
  • Breast feeding support
  • Support for dad's


  • Adults concerned about the wellbeing of a child can contact the NSPCC Helpline on 0808 800 5000 or email
  • If a parent/carer is worried about a child, have a question, or just need some reassurance they can contact the Helpline as above.
  • Childline remains open to children and young people:
  • Children can speak to a counsellor on the phone or online between 9am and midnight.
  • Online chats are picked up until 10.30pm and the voice service runs until midnight.
  • The Childline website including sending emails will still be available 24 hours a day. Our website has available new tips and advice to help new parents through the early years. From getting babies to sleep, to managing stress, and how to look after parents’ own mental health.



Merseyside Domestic Violence Service, MDVS

MDVS have adapted our existing work to reach more people during this crisis. Our working hours are ever changing to meet the needs and demand of those in need of urgent support. re continuing to support victims of domestic violence across the board, we are also continuing our work with male perpetrators through phone contact, Zoom groups and WhatsApp video calls. MDVS are providing the following support.

 MDVS are operating Monday to Friday days each week from 9am to 10pm and have 2 staff on call on weekends. 

We can accept referrals for individuals aged 16 years and upwards.

  • Delivering weekly food parcels for 30 families
  • Providing Tablet Devices for families to assist with communicating and contact
  • Support and safety planning with male and female victims of domestic violence via phone and video call
  • Group work and 1 to 1 work with female victims and survivors of domestic violence held weekly
  • Group work and 1 to 1 work with male perpetrators held 3 times per week

Main contact number – 07802 722 703

Evening and Weekend contact number (after 5pm) 07802 722 703 / 07780 948 890

Main email –



MYA – Merseyside Youth Association

  • Currently delivering Youth Connect 5 virtually for parents and young people to access together
  • Poetry sessions on Instagram live

Our landline, email and postal addresses all remain active, and MYA's mentors/workers will still be contactable via telephone and/or email, so please get in touch if you have any immediate concerns.

0151 702 0700


Positive Futures

Positive Futures is a charitable organisation based in North Liverpool. We work with young people aged 8 to 24yrs and their families giving them access to support, guidance, 1:1 support and opportunities.

Our Family Support Service is available to those who are looking after a young person currently working with our Targeted Support Team. Our dedicated Family Support Worker works closely with multi-agencies on a wide range of issues to improve the emotional wellbeing of parents, carers and young people. Together with the Targeted Support Service our Family Support Service can create a pathway of support and advice for a better way of life for all of the family.   

Positive Futures are here to support both young people and families through this difficult time. If you know of someone who would benefit from the support of Positive Futures please email details through to or call 0151 207 6003



Parent and Baby Relationship Service

For families with babies aged conception to 18 months old, who are under social care (EHAT, Child in Need or Safeguarding).

We offer training and consultation to professionals.  We offer consultation and therapy to families, some group work and lots of work with individual families.  Some evening appointments available, not weekends at present.

The focus of all work is strengthening the parent and baby relationship, helping them understand each other and enjoy each other’s company.

To discuss using the service (for professionals or parents/carers) phone 0151 702 5535 or email . NB all referrals through the Early Help Hubs at present.


PSS, Prisoner’s Families

Prisoner’s Families support children and families when they have a parent or close relative, being sentenced, in prison or released from prison. During the current pandemic the service can offer support and advice via telephone, and email/posting any relevant/necessary resources. The service is available from Monday- Friday 9am- 4:30pm. Referrals can be made via emailing your concern to:

PSS - Family Impact

Family Impact supports families who are going through a difficult time because a parent is misusing substances.  Emotional support is being provided by telephone to parents who are in recovery, kinship carers (often grandparents) and other family members who are affected by it. Information and guidance on finances, caring for children at home and self-care is also available.

The service operates Monday to Friday 9am – 5:30pm.

Email referrals to: 


School Nurses

  • School Nurse On call 9-5 across the city
  • Lead School Nurse link with education hubs
  • Safeguarding statutory duties/welfare calls
  • Faltering growth clinic by referral only
  • On call School Nurse support/advice Mon-Fri 9-5



Helpline: 07591837693

If your child has special educational needs and you are wanting to know more on how to support their learning at home then please ring for professional advice, support or practical strategies. Monday: 1pm – 4pm, Wednesday: 9am – 4pm, Friday: 9am – 12pm alternatively, you can email your concern to


Speech and Language

Helpline: 07540707541

If you need advice or support regarding your child’s speech and language then please contact Christine Taylor, Principal Speech and Language Therapist. Tuesday to Friday: 9am – 12pm alternatively, you can email your concern to



  • Parent iag welfare calls
  • Foodbank vouchers
  • Yc5 delivery with MYA
  • Online resources for parents via email
  • Counselling for children and young people via telephone
  • IAG delivery for young people via telephone
  • CAB advice on prescription

Self and professional referrals accepted online and via phone and email


We Are With You Liverpool.

We Are With You (Formally Young Addaction) offer support Drug and Alcohol support and awareness to young people aged 10-18 or up to 24 for young people with additional needs . Working across the city of Liverpool we offer a varied programme of support to all young people and various training to professionals. We Are With You work with all agencies and will accept referrals via professionals, family members and self-referrals.

We Are With You Family Team.

We Are With You also has a family team consisting of family workers who work with parents that are using Drugs or Alcohol in the city, and also support the whole family. The family team works closely with the EHAT and Children's Services to support families and reduce the risk of social care being involved with the family.

Contact - 0151 706 9747

Freephone - 08000196197

Email -

Instagram - wearewithyou_ypliverpool

Twitter - @ypliverpool 


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