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YPAS - Parental Support

YPAS offer a range of support programmes, courses and coffee events for parents and carers.


Parenting IAG

What is Parenting IAG?

Parenting IAG stands for Information, Advice and Guidance.

About Parenting IAG

Parenting (IAG) offers a range of practical support tailored around the family’s needs. Examples include- advocacy with education and other services, support to access external agencies such as financial services, domestic violence services and refugee/asylum services as well as support to access counselling/therapy services for parental wellbeing such as Positive Minds. 

How will this service help me?

This service is for practical based support tailored to a family’s practical needs.


The Incredible Years Programme (IY)

What is Incredible Years?

The Incredible Years Programme is a 14-week course.

The course offers strategies to help parents promote children’s positive behaviours.

About Incredible Years

The programme aims to offer support by;

  • Helping parents and carers deal effectively with their children’s behaviour
  • Supporting parents to promote their child’s emotional self-regulation
  • Building on a parent or carer’s skills and experience of dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Helping parents and carers to help their child get the best out of school/nursery
  • Increasing parent and carers self confidence
  • Providing support for families

The programme is for any parent or carer, of a child in Liverpool, who wants to learn new ways to manage their child’s behaviour.

How will this service help me?

This service will help you to learn strategies to improve challenging behaviours, emotional resilience and to improve the parent-child relationship.


ParenTalk - The Teenage Years

What is ParenTalk?

A relaxed, informal course giving you the opportunity to talk about any challenges, as well as sharing things that are going well.

A 6 session programme delivered virtually to support with teens.

About ParenTalk

The teenage years are a time of transition and can be challenging for both teenagers and parents. Parentalk – The Teenage Years is all about helping mums, dads, parents and carers do the best job they can as they navigate these years with their teenager.

  • For parents of neuro typical young people
  • Six – 2-hour sessions
  • Sessions focus on parent and teenage relationships and the realities of bringing up teenagers
  • Pre-recorded video clips of real families are used throughout to create discussions


Youth Connect 5 - Parenting Programme

What is Youth Connect 5?

A five session programme to help parents gain understanding, skills and tools to support and promote resilience for their children.

About Youth Connect 5

This is a course for parents/carers of children aged 8 plus.

Parents can be referred in via the YPAS referral route.

Youth Connect 5 is a free course that gives parents and carers the skills and understanding to help children develop strong emotional wellbeing through resilience-building techniques.

How will this service help me?

Will help to build resilience and promote self-care in children.


Coffee Events

What are Coffee Events?

Open access events for all parents and carers to gain information, advice and support.

About Coffee Events

Services are invited to give information about what it is they offer. Open access: any parent and carer can attend a coffee event. Parents and carer’s can book via YPAS admin by emailing (bookings to be completed 2 days prior to event).

Our coffee events are delivered monthly via Zoom normally on a Wednesday morning. 

How will this service help me?

YPAS coffee events provide a listening ear and provide parents and carers with information, advice and guidance.


Parent Conduct Programme

What is Parent Conduct Programme?

The parent conduct programme is a low-level brief guided self-help intervention for parents of children between 2 – 11 years to promote positive behavioural changes.

About Parent Conduct Programme

The aim is to support parents with evidence-based strategies to manage and prevent the escalation of behavioural problems in their child.

How will this service help me?

This intervention aims to help you improve parent-child interactions and the relationship in order to reduce the escalation of behavioural and emotional problems, to break any unhelpful patterns of interaction by establishing a positive, relationship between you and your child. You will learn about your child’s behaviour, including the triggers for challenging behaviour and what reinforces behaviour. This will also help to increase your confidence in interacting with your child.

Who to contact

Contact Name
Young Person's Advisory

Where to go

Young Person's Advisory Service (YPAS)
36, Bolton Street
L3 5LX

We have 3 Community hubs across Liverpool:

  • YPAS Central Hub 36 Bolton Street, Liverpool, L3 5LX
  • YPAS Plus North Hub Croxdale Road West, Liverpool, L14 8YA
  • YPAS Plus South Hub Lyndene Road, Liverpool, L25 1NG

Time / Date Details

When is it on
We offer appointments and open access, drop in groups. Please see our website for the latest opening information

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Other notes

YPAS provides mental health and emotional wellbeing services for Liverpool's children, young people and families.

Established in 1966 YPAS is a charitable sector organisation that supports children, young people and families to address their mental health and emotional well-being difficulties. The delivery of our citywide services includes: primary schools, secondary schools and across three locality community hubs.

Our Wellbeing Services provide a range of services that are designed to help you with your practical issues: offering various groups, drop-ins and individual information, advice and guidance.

Our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services provide a wide range of therapeutic interventions that are designed to help you address those issues that are impacting on your mental health and emotional well-being.

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